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This page present the dataset of 155 FHR recordings in which a reference baseline, accelerations and decelerations have been annotated by expert consensus. 66 FHR recordings with a shared expert analysis have been included in a training dataset, and 90 other FHR recordings with a non-shared expert analysis have been included in an evaluation dataset. Researchers wishing to evaluate their automatic analysis method should submit their results for comparison with the expert consensus. The dataset also contains the results produced by 11 re-coded automatic analysis methods from the literature.

Main information are published in : [3] Boudet, S., Houzé de l’Aulnoit, A., Demailly, R., Delgranche, A., Peyrodie, L., Beuscart, R., Houzé de l’Aulnoit,D. - Fetal heart rate signal dataset for training morphological analysis methods and evaluating them against an expert consensus. Preprints pp. Submitted to data in brief,2019 Download on researchgate

This dataset can be downloaded on the Github or if you prefer, a direct link (without the matlab toolbox).