FHR Morphological Analysis Toolbox

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FHR Morphological Analysis Toolbox is a Matlab toolbox to open FHR file, preprocess them, carry out one of the 12 reprogrammed methods of analysis, view the results, and compare with an expert consensus analysis.

Main information are published in : Boudet, S., Houzé de l’Aulnoit, A., Demailly, R., Delgranche, A., Peyrodie, L., Beuscart, R., Houzé de l’Aulnoit,D. - Matlab toolbox for Fetal Heart Rate morphological analysis ,2019 Download on researchgate

This toolbox is distributed under GPL v3 license and can be downloaded on the Github.

How to start

Download the toolbox and set the Matlab folder.

The main function is fhrmorpho.

It opens an interface to load an FHR file and selecting the analysis method to display.