Method Houzé et al. (1990)

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Houzé de l’Aulnoit, D, Beuscart, R.J., Brabant, G., Corette, L., Delcroix, M. - Real-time analysis of the fetal heart rate. Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Médicine and Biology Society 12:1994--1995, Oxford,1990


This method has been developped on 1990 by our team


Source code

The source code is given in the FHR Morphological Analysis Toolbox. It has been verified by the original authors, and thus it correspond exactly to the method described on the original paper.

Reported results and discussion


This method is the result of numerous conditions written by an expert and to be adapted to numerous recording. It is well adapted fo real time and have the ability to be readjusted in case of the following of the recording indicates change of baseline. However, determining the baseline position on difficult recording required an analysis of long period with some difficult balancing. As most of methods, the analysed signal window is too short to be able to distinguish large deceleration from a change of baseline.