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In this case it is a search, saying the Four of a form may very well be anyplace in the middle of our hand, or on this specific case on the entrance or back of the hand. Granted we might most likely add Array-like methods to the Hand, make it Enumerable, and add Sample Matching hooks in it, but we simply need it for sorting on this case. I could use multi-line sample matching however that may get messy with this as Straight checks will not play properly. This syntax works on all courses, not simply Structs, to get at attributes in a pattern match. Stylistically I like left-to-right, hence the return rating if match kind syntax. We also want to attain them so now we have a quick index of priority to reference elsewhere with out iterating all the array all over the place. A category or struct does not should be complicated, it just has to offer some value over repeating array kinds and string prints in all places.

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